Wednesday, July 28, 2004

In the Beginning

I'm not much of a blogger. I have little interest in reading other people's blogs, and I have had even less interest in having one of my own up until now. Why the sudden change? I don't know. I suppose I simply decided it was time to start writing again. I don't know what that entails, nor do I know what I want to write. However, I don't think that is really the point. Why not write about my interests, whatever they may be at the time?

What I decided I needed was a place where I could write any time, about any thing without considering what I have written before and what I might write next. Hence, a blog seems like the logical format.

Don't get me wrong, certain themes and topics will most likely dominate this space, I just don't want to restrict myself to that. I suppose there are other forums in which I could have the same type of freedom (LiveJornal comes to mind), but for some reason this just seems like the right place to throw out less every-day-life crap and more essay-type pieces. That's really what I need to practice.

Any preview of what I expect to post in this space must start with my primary interests: writing and reading. Being a reading fanatic, I will most likely throw up an occasional review of a book I either loved or hated, a critical essay about some aspect of what I'm reading that intersests me at the moment, a blurb or two about book news, and any general complaints I have on related topics.

In addition to literary themes, I may occasionally talk movies, music or whatever other cultural nonsense may be gripping my attention on any given day. If anyone does ever end up reading any of this, they will probably quickly get a sense of my tastes in all these categories as well as a snapshot of my life outside of the realms these pursuits provide.

In any event, it'll be a journey. To where? I don't know, but I'll be sure speak up when I get there.


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