Friday, January 21, 2005

Getting Lazier as I Get Busier

...If that makes sense, at least. As I take on more in life, this blog get neglected—not that I was a posting nazi before or anything, but I came to the site just in time to see a tumbleweed blowing through.

Seriously, I'm fucking swamped right now. I'm working on my copyediting certification through the University of Washington, taking a literature course on the Modern Novel, still working full-time as an editor at Raising More Money, and, to top it all off, I've been using all my spare time the last couple weeks studying for my GRE General Test, which is tomorrow, Jan. 22. God damn. That's all I can say.

I must say I'm actually pretty confident as far as the GRE goes, though. My pretests were hitting about 90th percentile in Verbal, 90th percentile in analytical writing and 80th percentile in math. If I can keep up those numbers tomorrow, that should make up for my GPA deficiencies (3.5) when applying to grad schools.

However, I have been reading, so I need to write a few book thoughts for those that I've finished (I'm halfway through four books right now...ick).

I'll also be posting the essays I write for my Modern Novel class. By next weekend I will have up a lengthy essay on Hemingway's In Our Time. Tomorrow night, after my test, I'll post a couple of book blurbs.

Although I don't think anyone reads this, if someone does, keep checking, if only weekly! I'll be better.


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