Sunday, January 30, 2005

My Most Enjoyable Authors

Inspired by Joel's lists of what he's read, watched, or listened to lately, here are my ten most enjoyable authors—prose only. I'm not saying these are my ten greatest writers, but the ten (in order) whom I savor and enjoy to endless and perhaps even obsessive amounts.

  1. Kurt Vonnegut

  2. David Mitchell

  3. Don Delillo

  4. Jeanette Winterson

  5. Haruki Murakami

  6. Jose Saramago

  7. E.M. Forester

  8. William Faulkner

  9. Michel Foucault

  10. James Joyce
You might be thinking, "Gee, Modernism and especially Postmodernism are his favorite periods." You would be damn right. The only author on this list that is far, far underrepresented is David Michell. The man has been a Booker Prize finalist for two of his first three novels and he is not yet 35 people! If you enjoy any of the other PoMo authors on this list, you absolutely must pick up one of his three award-winning novels: Ghostwritten, number9dream, or Cloud Atlas. To do otherwise would be a crime against all that is good and right in this world.


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