Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Depressing Music! Woo!

I got this from Joel, who got it from someone else, and so on.

10 albums randomly selected from my collection:

Green Day—Insomnia
When I think of Green Day, I'm amazed that for such a prolific and ludicrously successful band, they are given short shrift for their immense influence on the music world. With the help of Offspring, they basically resurrected punk music. Some days I curse them for inspiring such trash as Blink 182 or MXPX, but I wouldn't give up any of their first three CDs. Everything since then has been solid, but without Dookie and Insomnia, rock music would not be what it is today.

Admittedly, I bought Disturbed's first album, The Sickness because I enjoyed the raw anger and emotion of their singles. Upon purchase, it turns out that there is little depth beyond the four singles on that album. However, their second alubum is, in my opinion, a defining rock album. It is everything one likes about Distrubed from the first album, but under control and much, much more consistent. This is one of only six or seven albums where I truly enjoy every song from front to back. It isn't as top-loaded with radio songs as the first album, but it's better music.

Ugly Kid Jo—America's Most Wanted
Heh, this is the second CD I ever owned as a kid behind Will Smith's Code Red (terrible). It is freaking hilarious to this very day. I can't even say how many times I've listened to "Everything about You," but that's classic. I also like his cover of "Cat's Cradle" for what it's worth.

Rob Zombie—Hellbilly Deluxe
Pfft. The best metal album of the last ten years in my opinion. There is not one single song on this album I don't enjoy rocking out to. Zombie is not only a master at catchy hooks, but he knows how to kick a listener's endorphins into overdrive. I can't think of a single hard rock album as consistent from front to back.

Dave Matthews—Live at Luther College
I very much enjoyed this when I first bought it in high school. In fact, I think that this two-disk acoustic album is much better than Dave's regular stuff. However, my musical tastes have changed and I don't listen to it much anymore&mash;though I do still listen and enjoy from time to time on a purely nostalgac level.

Nirvana—In Utero
There isn't much I can say about Nirvana. This is more experimental and a little harder to appreciate than Nevermind from a pure enjoyment perspective, but I'm convinced it is every bit as brilliant in its own way. Listen to the entire album straight through with an ear for themes to get what I'm saying.

Collective Soul—Collective Soul
This was my favorite band for a couple years. They are damn close to christian rock given their spiritual roots, though the songs have nothing directly to do with Christianity. I enjoyed them for their thoughtful lyrics and heavy edge. I don't listen to this CD anymore, but I still regard it as one of the 6–7 CDs that is listenable from front to back.

Pink Floyd—The Wall
Whoa. Talk about coherency and story front to back, I can probably write essays on this album if I were to try. Though it is far from my favorite album to listen to, it may be the greatest rock album ever in my book from a combination of lyric, musical, and overall effect perspectives. Seriously. Listen to it as a whole and then disagree.

Of Godsmack's three albums, this is the least enjoyable, though I still find it well-worth the purchase with four or five solid singles. They are still my favorite rock band to put in when I'm having a shitty day and I want to break shit.

If you at all like metal, hard rock, or deep lyrics, just go buy this album. Seriously, there isn't a single metal band that is more musically talented than Tool. There just isn't. Don't argue.

What is the total amount of music files on your computer?

1,311 songs.

The last CD you bought is:

Chevelle—Wonder What's Next

What is the song you last listened to before this message?

Incubus—"Pardon Me"

Five songs you often listen to or that mean a lot to you:

Nine Inch Nails—"Into the Void"
Jimmy Eat World—"The Middle"
Buck Cherry—"For the Movies"
Garbage—"Only Happy When It Rains"

Who are you gonna pass this stick to?

Whatever sad SOB actually reads this blog, I guess.


At April 18, 2005 at 10:03 AM, Blogger squeek said...

dude i like the music you have on this umm thingy i dont really know what to callit but its kool not many ppl listen to mainly rock anymore good to know there are ppl out their that still do

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