Saturday, August 07, 2004

I Could Breathe This Stuff

Gawd I'm a whore for ontological subtexts in my fiction. For example:

One model of time: an infinite matryoshka doll of painted moments, each "shell" (the present) encased inside a nest of "shells" (previous presents) I call the actual past but which we perceive as the virtual past. the doll of "now" likewise encases a nest of presents yet to be, which I call the actual future but which we perceive as the virtual future.
This kind of stuff really gets my literary motor going. Here it's pretty straight forward. However, I'm aiming at a rather ambitious project on the front of perceptions of reality in PoMo fiction. However, that paper is a looong way off. I have a lot of reading to do first: five books on theory that I want to read and then re-read all the novels I wish to employ. However, this may turn out to be my graduate school writing sample. It's certainly more ambitious than anything I tried as an undergraduate.


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