Thursday, September 02, 2004

Booker Prize Validation

Well everyone, it is once again time to get revved up for one of my very favorite events of the year...that's right, it's Booker Prize time!

That's right, the Booker's Longlist has been released. For those of you not in the know, the Booker Prize is the better version of the Pulizer Prize for Fiction or the National Book Award. The difference is that, while the two latter are U.S. only, the Booker is basically the entire English-speaking world except the United States. Moreover, it's picked solely on literary merit.

This year the Longlist is 22 novels. One of those novels happens to be the best novel I have read that has been published in the last five years, Cloud Atlas by David Mitchell. Not only is it nominated, but the oddsmakers (yes, you have to love any country where betting on who will win a literary award is a big deal) have put Cloud Atlas as the biggest favorite to win ever as of the publication on the Longlist. Needless to say, I feel validated. My pick for the "next big author" over three years ago looks like it's going to pay off.

Anyways, they'll be announcing the Shortlist (final six) on Sept. 21. So, if you're a.) a book whore, or b.) a David Michell fanatic (as I am both), then mark that date on your calendar. I know I will.


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